Hand Sketched, Hand Printed, Always One Of a Kind!

Who Am I?


Work from home momma, lover of colour, creating the things I just can't find elsewhere. 

I learned to sew when I was a kid, inspired by my own momma who made me flouncy chambray dresses with pink buttons, a hot pink romper with stars... and a matching one for my doll.  

Then I was the girl wearing lime green fishnet stockings with tall army style boots; a slinky camouflage dress; super wide-leg, huge pocketed red corduroy pants; and my "grandma's couch" upholstery Chuck Taylors.  (It WAS the 90's)

Young adulthood when friends and acquaintances would comment "you really like colour, hey Kate?"  Answer: yes!   

Because clothing should be an expression of self, should star in memories, should be exciting, should make you feel good.  

It has occurred to me...

that I took art AND sewing in high school because they were mandatory... and didn't do well enough in either to think that I should carry on. 

Really started by accident, FABRIKateD UpCycling was my way of being fashionable while economical.  Then people started asking to wear it too. 

Add a design diploma. Surface design workshops. Imagination and dreams. So, you just never know. 

Creating and printing out of love.

love is love tee

Change is good. Satisfaction is better.

As always, we want you to want to wear our clothes, and to gift them and recommend them.  We aim to keep our designs fresh and our prices affordable so that you can wear the things you love, and more of them.   

We strive to print only the most comfortable, wearable, user-friendly apparel.  Every FABRIKateD garment is washed and shrunk before it reaches your hands - because we don't like laundry surprises any more than you do. 

That's also why we want to know if a garment if not up to quality standards or if you have any concerns about FABRIKateD apparel, do not hesitate to reach out.  

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